II / Sleep Token
“Finally a correctly engineered product has been designed for the application of maintaining tuning and head tension. Rock Locks are the only solution out there that take care of the job. There is not another product on the market that I would consider using!”
"Rock Locks are the best- hands down. Simple design and reliable quality. I couldn’t be happier to have them on my kit!"
“Rock Locks have changed the game for me on the road as well as in the studio. Constantly worrying about falling out of tune, or completely losing a tension rod on tour, this product erases those troubles. It’s incredible how a small product can make a HUGE difference. This was something I feel like all us drummers never knew we needed."
GIUSEPPE CAPOLUPO / The Devil Wears Prada
“Rock locks save me from having to adjust tuning after every song. The drum community called, and Rock Locks absolutely DELIVERED.”
Connor Denis - Beartooth
CONNOR DENIS / Beartooth
"Rock Locks are a complete game-changer! These are the best lug locks on the market and it's not even close. They are extremely durable and work incredibly well, keeping my drums in tune through hours of playing. These will be on my drums for every show!"
Jared Easterling / Koe Wetzel
"Rock Locks are the future. When I walk on stage I know my drums are dialed in the entire show!"
ANTHONY GHAZEL / Hollywood Undead
 "I invented Rock Locks because no other tension rod lock was working for me. It used to drive me nuts when my drums would de-tune; now I can't even remember the last time I had to worry about that. All my friends love 'em and I hope you do, too."
MICHAEL GONZALES / Kill Tony Band (The Best Damn Band in the Land)
“Rock Locks have made my life sooo much easier. I ONLY have to tune once before gigs naw. These lil' bad boys will get you right CONSISTENTLY!”
Preston Harper / Spiritworld
PRESTON HARPER / Spiritworld
"I’ve been using Rock Locks since they were first accessible and have never been more impressed by a lug lock product. I wholeheartedly trust Anthony with drums and the gear he uses. I wouldn’t expect anything less than 100% coming from him. The design, quality and effectiveness of Rock Locks reigns supreme."
Chris Hornbrook / Poison The Well
CHRIS HORNBROOK / Poison The Well, etc.
"I've been searching for YEARS trying to find something that will keep my drums in tune while on tour/in the studio and doesn't suck. Rock Locks take care of all my 'staying in tune' issues."
Ernie Iniguez / Suicide Silence
 ERNIE INIGUEZ / Suicide Silence
 "I’ve tried every type of lug lock under the sun and nothing keeps my drums in tune like Rock Locks can. And it’s not even close."
Paul Jaton / AVOID
"The single greatest lug lock I’ve used! Rock Locks quality and effectiveness will be staying on my drums for every tour and session."
CHRIS KAMRADA / Dashboard Confessional
"Rock Locks are genuinely the best option for drummers, technicians, and engineers. If you want 100% confidence that your drumheads will stay perfectly tuned to your liking, these are it! Anthony and Rock Locks knocked it out of the park with the design and manufacturing with these babies. I’m proud to use them on every gig and in every session I’m working."
JOE LANA JR. / The Cowboy Drummer, Dropout Kings
“Rock locks are a game changer. Knowing my drums are staying in tune allows me to be more comfortable behind the kit.” 
JOSH MANUEL / Kane Brown, Bilmuri, Issues
“I’ve struggled for years to find something that will actually hold my snare lugs in tune for an entire show and I’ve tried just about every option out there - Rock Locks are the truth. I’ve used them on multiple different drums and different tunings and they’re super consistent every time. Can’t play a show or session without them now!”
 TRAVIS ORBIN / Darkest Hour
"Regardless of application, Rock Locks are an indispensable resource."
Tony Palermo - Papa Roach
 TONY PALERMO / Papa Roach
"Rock Locks have proven to be a superior performing product. None of my lugs ever come loose after the full assault of a live performance. I would recommend to any drummer if they don’t want to think about their drums going out of tune." 
Sam Pura - The Panda Studios
SAM PURA / The Panda Studios
"As a drum eccentric producer I have tried every possible tool in existence to attempt to stabilize the tuning of my drums during the recording process. Every device has flaws that rendered them all useless. Rock Locks are the only tool that keep my drums in tune throughout the recording process. I won’t ever record without them again."
Loniel Robinson / Pierce The Veil
"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Rock Locks are changing the game. Don’t be the last to get them on your kit!"
Tony Royster Jr. / Katy Perry
TONY ROYSTER JR. / Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Joe Jonas
 "Them motherf*ckers work!" 
Alex Shelnutt - A Day To Remember
ALEX SHELNUTT / A Day To Remember
"Best lug lock product I’ve ever used, hands down! No more bleeding legs or knuckles. And long-lasting quality! Made by a drummer, for drummers!"
JAKE SMELLEY / Gideon, Zero 9:36
"Rock Locks stepped up and changed the game forever! No more tuning drums everyday, no more scrambling to tune up the snare in between songs! Set it and forget it!
"For a long time I ignored the value of drum tuning. I'd tweak some tension rods, dampen the drum & call it a day but I would always have mediocre results. After diving deeper into the world of drum tuning, my drums sound better than ever, but if you hit your drums hard & consistently, there's simply no way to keep them in tune without something strong & secure holding things down. There isn't a better option out there than Rock Locks."
Luke Sumner / Conner Smith
 LUKE SUMNER / Session Drummer
“An absolute essential for me on every gig! Whether I’m in a session, or on tour. I’m always locked up!”
Tosh The Drummer / JXDN, Troye Sivan, and many more 
"I am completely incompetent when it comes to tuning drums. With Rock Locks, I don't have to change anything after my tech dials my drums in! If you are a drummer and don't own a set of Rock Locks, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!"
CJ Thompson / Charlie Puth
CJ THOMPSON / Charlie Puth
"Rock locks keepin' my kit in tune! No more detuning while playing!!"
Andrew Tkaczyk
ANDREW TKACZYK / The Ghost Inside
"Locks that ACTUALLY work! They rock my socks off!"
Sage Weeber
SAGE WEEBER / Nessa Barrett, Landon Barker, Avril Lavigne, etc.
"There are certain products that come into the drumming world and become an absolute essential right from the start. Rock Locks are nothing short of that. Ever since I got my first pair, I knew that I couldn’t work without them. They almost work too well! Rock Locks are changing and evolving the game and I couldn’t be more proud to support them."
Frank Zummo - Sum 41
"Rock Locks saved my session! Finally a product that works and is flawlessly designed. My new go-to for studio and live! Hell yeah!"